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Supporting local from the comfort of your own home

In these strange times, we have adapted many different aspects of our lives, and we want to make shopping for yourself, family and friends a great experience even though it may be a bit different. Gloucestershire Virtual shopping mall initially started as a place for businesses to promote their products around Christmas, just something we wanted to do to support local businesses during this difficult time. However, with the success of the virtual Gloucestershire Christmas fayre 2020, we wanted to carry this on in the new year for everyone to continue supporting local and a place to come together for a great shopping experience online. 

Turning a Businesses vision into Reality

The success of Gloucestershire Christmas fayre 2020 was humbling. To see Gloucestershire's locals come together to support local businesses was truly amazing

 Therefore, we wanted to continue this support to businesses through the new year, helping businesses promote their products and services in a friendly and happy environment. Adapting your business to this difficult time means a significant change in how you normally promote products/services. Therefore, the Gloucestershire virtual shopping mall helps to bring simplicity and guidance for businesses, ultimately reducing the stress of having to establish more of an online presence. As a business you may have already mastered that online presence too, however you may feel that you need an additional, simple way of sharing what you do with more local people. Either way, we would love to support you!  

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