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Why your daily routine shouldn’t be the same as everyone else’s

We often hear people talking about their daily routines or their Morning / Evening routines and gradually we build up an idea of what this routine is ‘meant’ to look like. However, have you ever struggled to stay consistent with these routines that you set yourself?

This is why… it probably doesn’t suit you! Here are some top tips on how you can create a routine that fits not only around your lifestyle but also something that you can keep consistent with:

- Understand your goals – if you know what goals you have, you are then able to break these down into small actionable steps each day which can be the base of your routine, this way, you are motivated to complete these and they form discipline on a daily basis.

- Do what works for your routine – Everybody has a different lifestyle, whether that includes a commute to work, the school run or an intensive sport training plan. Have a routine that fits in well around this plan and doesn’t feel a constant rush.

- Have a routine that sparks motivation – building on from your goals, do something each day as part of your routine that makes you feel motivated to continue working towards these goals so that you keep them in mind and are continually building on this development.

- Focus on Personal Development in ways that you enjoy – personal development can be anything from reading a book to learning something new so change it up daily and do it in a way that you don’t feel is a challenge. For instance, if you don’t like reading, listen to an audio book whilst you’re doing something else or sign up for a course instead.

- Routines can also include down time - your routine doesn't need to fill every single hour of your day but if it makes you feel more relaxed by knowing what your day is going to look like, you can also schedule in your down time as part of this routine

There are many different things that I’m sure you have heard to fit into your daily routine to focus on personal development and to become the best you, however you need to understand what different daily routines are going to help YOU become the best you because everyone is different! So have a think of the different daily routines that you want to implement, jot them all down and then put them into a plan that fits in to your current lifestyle.

Some ideas for a daily routine:

- Write your ‘To-Do’ list – whether this is a list of all the tasks you need to do or time blocking your day with what you want to complete, it is helpful to have it all in one place. Find when this suits you best. I like to do this at the end of my working day so I remember everything that needs to be done.

- Have your non-negotiables – these are great especially when having goals whether this is personal like 10k steps a day or something for your business like 10 minutes of social media interaction per day.

Let me know how you change up your routine and how these tips have helped you to find a routine that is better suited to you.

Izzy Weatherall | Founder of Gloucestershire Virtual Shopping Mall


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