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Thanks for signing up to the Event!

T's and C's

First of all, thankyou for coming along to sign up the the event! 
Here are just a few T's and C's to ensure the event runs smoothly:

- A bit about the 15 minute slot: within this slot, you have the whole 15 minutes to post your products, services, do as many posts as you'd like (Recommended max. 10) or you could do a live! 

- Please ensure you stick to the time slot you have booked because another business will be directly following you. 

- The event will be held in the Gloucestershire Virtual Shopping Mall Facebook Group: 
Gloucestershire Virtual Shopping Mall | Facebook 

- We will only be accepting one consultant from each network marketing company so this will be on a first come first served basis. You can check on our Facebook group to check if another consultant has already booked! 

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